Amidia Entertainment

The Amidia is an all-in-one entertainment system(s). Holding all your photograph and movies while streaming current movie in high quality. The Amidia entertainment system(s) lets users connect to the internet, download movies that are recently released in theatres and in DVD's, listen to music and share text or picture files. Because the Amidia entertainment systems connects to the TV, pictures and movies can be shown on a bigger screen then if downloaded on the computer.

It is made more simple then buying extra cables when users want to connect a laptop to a television and then controlling everything from a remote then from the laptop. All the pictures can be downloaded and shown from one main file and presented on the big screen for everyone to see instead of crowding around a small computer screen.

Being connected to the internet, users can watch their favorite YouTube clips or even surf through the internet. People have the comfort of choosing recent movies from their own home that can be watched at any time of the day.

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